PRESS RELEASE – Introductory Fisheries Economics workshop

The office of National Oceanic Resource Management Authority (NORMA) recently carried out its first Introductory Fisheries Economics workshop, by FFA Fisheries Economics Advisor Dr. Rodney Beard and FFA Fisheries Economist Mr. Thomas Ruaia. The Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) facilitated a 5- day workshop between March 20 to 24 2023 and a total of five staff participated in this workshop, participants were from the Fisheries Compliance Division (FCD) Fisheries Economic Division (FED), Fisheries Management Division (FMD) Fisheries Management Division (FMD), and Fisheries Science Division (FSD) of NORMA.

Image 1: Attended from left to right in the back are Angie Tretnoff, Efren Eliou and in front are Miorida Yee Ting, Ronna Albert, Jean Welles and Faniger Poll. Facilitating the workshop are Dr. Rodney Beard and Mr.Thomas Ruaia from FFA also in the back.

FFA team led engaging discussions covering fisheries economics as part of its ongoing efforts to develop the capacity of NORMA staff. The workshop covered several critical points on bioeconomic, modelling, including the economics of target reference points, the economics of harvest control rules, and the supply chain management, which NORMA needed for guidance and support to advise its management better. The intense workshop was practical, informative, and well-paced. NORMA wishes to thank FFA for developing the capacity of its staff who participated, allowing them to interpret and undertake fisheries related economic analysis.