OFCF Training Course for Pole and Line Fishing 2022

NORMA is seeking FSM individuals with the following qualifications that are interested in becoming fishing vessel crew members as a future career choice to take part in the Japan Pole-and-line training in October of this year in Japan. if interested, please reach out to info@norma.fm. Deadline will be 25th June, 2022 – 5pm, Pohnpei Time

Age: 18 to 30

Academic Background:  Completed compulsory education

Personality:  Sufficiently possessing a spirit of cooperation, a positive attitude, and a sense of responsibility

Additional Requirements:

  1. A person who has no criminal record;
  2. A person who has no past illness such as epileptic seizures;
  3. A person who has no problem with boarding vessels and handling fishing gear and fish;
  4. A person who aspires to become a fishing vessel crew member as a future career choice; 
  5. A person who can abstain from consuming alcohol and smoking during the training period;
  6. A person who can adapt himself to living as a group with the Japanese;
  7. A person who can strictly observe the designated hours for rising, assembling, and retiring to bed, etc.
  8. A person who can abide by the rule that prohibits the use of mobile phones and the internet during classes;
  9. A person whose experience in sport or work has made him aware of the importance of teamwork;
  10. Preferably, a person who has past experience in physical labor and/or sport;
  11. Preferably, a person who is cheerful and conciliatory by nature;
  12. Preferably, a person who is not a fussy eater;
  13. Even more ideally, a person who has past experience in fishery.
  14. Triple vaccination with designated vaccines by Japanese Government.