Job Opportunity – Fisheries Officer-Compliance/Data Technician

It is the policy of the FSM Government that qualified FSM citizens is given first priority for employment consideration; with other Micronesian and U.S. citizens utilized in positions for which no qualified FSM citizens are available. NORMA is set to hire for the position of a Fisheries Officer – Compliance/Data Technician.

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Fisheries Officer-Compliance/Data Technician

PL-28/1  $382.26 B/W + $40.00 Cola                                        PL-28/4 $441.46 B/W + $40.00 Cola

This is the minimum rate at step one of the grade. Higher rates maybe authorized in cases of hard-to-fill positions where it is appropriate to the qualification of the appointee.


National Oceanic Resource Management Authority (NORMA)
FSM National Government
Kolonia, Pohnpei FM 96941


  • Responsible in inputting and analyzing all observer reports and tuna catch data into the Regional database (Tufman2) as required for reporting purposes;
  • Record, analyze and enter tuna catch log sheet data; on daily basis coordinate and facilitate entry of fisheries log sheet data, unloading data, port sampling data and vessel position reports provided by fishing vessels;
  • Ensure that relevant data is shared with the Fisheries Management Division;
  • Liaise with fishing companies and boats owners for the departure/arrival times of fishing vessels and other data related matter; oversees the Tuna Date entry operation and generate statistical reports as directed from supervisor and management;
  • Assist the Division for all reporting requirements for observer and licensing data information; maintain the integrity of the data entered into the system by cross checking the reports generated to detect discrepancies and takes appropriate action to correct the data;
  • Assist other staff in verifying reports already entered into the TUFMAN 2 database; monitor and liaise with industry with any errors on reporting requirements and edits to assure they are in compliance with SPC reporting formats;
  • Liaise with SPC on FSM fisheries data for analysis; prepare and submit tuna quarterly statistic reports to the SPC; Liaise with SPC on fisheries catch data and compile required briefing information before NORMA’s board meetings and bilateral negotiations and consultations;
  • Prepare and transmit catch reports and vessel information to SPC for inclusion in the regional data base using approved protocols;
  • Provide statistical report on catches to surveillance (MSW) upon request;
  • Responsible for overseeing and processing of Catch Certificates; assist FO and AD in preparing transshipment declarations for domestic and foreign fishing vessels.



  1. Graduation from a two years college with a degree in Business Administration, Fisheries, certificate in MCS Fisheries is desirable or related field
  2. Including two (2) years of working experience in FFA, WCPFC and PNA compliance system, MCS and observer issues is desirable,
  3. good Knowledge and understanding of regional MCS is desirable.


Send application/resume by mail, or e-mail to the following addresses:

Office of Personnel
P.O. Box PS-35
Palikir, Pohnpei FM 96941
Telephone: (691) 320-2618/2642

National Oceanic Resource Management Authority (NORMA)
P.O. Box PS-122 Palikir, Pohnpei FM 96941
Telephone: (691) 320-2700/5181
E-mail: /

EA NO: FSM-024-21 | OPENING DATE: March 26, 2021 | CLOSING DATE: April 26, 2021