Chief, Statistics, Compliance and Technical Project Section

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Chief, Statistics, Compliance and Technical Project Section

Category : Opportunities

It is the policy of the FSM Government that qualified FSM citizens is given first priority for employment consideration;  with other Micronesian and U.S. citizens utilized in positions for which no qualified FSM citizens are available.                         .


Chief- Statistics, Compliance and Technical Project Section (Click to download pdf version)


$695.86 + $40.00 ($735.86  B/W)

This is the minimum rate at step one of the grade.  Higher rates may be authorized in cases of hard-to-fill positions where it is appropriate to the qualification of the appointee.



FSM National Government

Kolonia, Pohnpei FM  96941



Responsible for the overall operation of the section; keeps track of completion  reports and check catch log, reviews  and  verifies  catch  reports;  entry/exit  against  VMS  data;  receive  and ensure manual  reports;  monitors   vessels  compliance   with  terms  and  conditions   of  agreement  and licenses;   analyzes   fisheries   data   for   economics   and   scientific   reports   for   negotiations, arrangements and public information  purposes; develops computer  program to give specific data required as requested; maintain  the TUFMAN data bases and computer  system in good working condition; liaises with FFA and SPC on data collection and analyze computer programming for economics and scientific  reports;  produce charts of all islands in the FSM  and the FSM Zone; prepares charts and coordinates  for submission to the United Nations as required  under the Law of the Sea of 1982; and performs other duties as assigned.



Graduation  from  an  accredited  college  or  university  with  a  degree  in  business  management, economic, mathematics  or related field plus five (5) years of professional  experience in statistics, economics or related work experience, two (2) years must have been in supervisory capacity must possess working knowledge of the government system.