The FSM National Fisheries Observer Program (NFOP) has been operating since 1979 with over 50 plus observers contracted from the FSM states. Fisheries observers’ board commercial fishing vessel has scientific fisheries observer to collect, observer and report on fishing activities in the 2.9 million square kilometers of the FSM Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and throughout the Western Central Pacific Convention (WCPO).   The observers are required to begin de-briefing process after completion of their trips for data quality and verification.

The FSM NFOP was reviewed and finally authorized by the WCPFC Regional Observer Program in early May 2009, and has continued to provide observers contributing to the FAD closure periods and the PNA 3rd Implementing Agreement and WCPFC requirement for 100% purse seine observer coverage, WCFPC minimum requirement of 5% longline observer coverage and 100% catch retention measures.